About Us

How it happened

After years of nothing special, the Hilltop has got back on track to being the great one of a kind bar & grill it was meant to be. A few years back, Jay and Robin Wirth purchased the Hilltop. They immediately began pouring countless hours into making it something great. A few years later, the Hilltop is a beautiful and clean restaurant that brings in visitors from all over. They have made many improvements over the years. Most recently, fresh pavement was layed accross the parking lot. 

Long story short, if you're looking for a top notch, home-town style bar and grill with delicious food that will make your Momma's cooking jealous, the Hilltop Bar & Grill in Bridgeport is the place for you. Come in on a Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday to enjoy the famous All-U-Can-Eat Catfish! The Hilltop also serves awesome lunch and unforgettable breakfast. Click Here to see the full menu!

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